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My life growing up in Fish Hoek, Cape Town, was pretty ordinary but great fun. My family, friends and I spent hours in the summer on the beach. Those days we had lots of freedom, no TV, but we all played games and listened to the radio.

At 21 I married and went to Durban for eight years. I had one son (who is an adult now). When he was five, I got divorced and came back to Cape Town and Fish Hoek. Working in the bank and building societies was really 'just a job' for me and I often wondered if there was something else that I would enjoy more and that I could be doing?

Regardless of that, I was always a very cheerful, energetic and positive person. I loved life. I loved playing sport, swimming, dancing and walking in the mountains.

But in my early forties I started getting some aches and pains and when I got to age forty five I was in a bad way. Suffering with so many different ailments I headed off to a homeopath who set me on the start of a long journey. Fortunately from an early age, I had been interested in 'alternative or natural' healing.

That was the beginning... A few months later I was forced to quit my job but fortunately was in a stable relationship with my partner (now of 16 years) who tried to support and understand what was going on with me.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome which is basically a breakdown of most of the body − nothing works anymore - mind and body being equally affected.

Through this rather tough and miserable period of my life, I wrote my book 'One Step at a Time' and then a year later 'Starting Over'. I self published both books and sell them from home. These books are a record of my return to health − emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

I discovered a love of writing and am joyfully on my third book now. Learning new things: how to publish, print, market my books, and meet new people had all given me the confidence to look into doing something more − that something was LIFE COACHING. Doing voluntary work when I was ill made me realize that I enjoyed listening, sharing and helping others. The last few years have been for me in so many ways ONE STEP AT A TIME!

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In my determination to get well, I started off reading every health book I could get my hands on, I read things on the internet and articles in health shops and pharmacies and the library. Then I slowly got into the esoteric books and magazines on healing, energy, spiritual growth, psychology, metaphysics and self development books. Since I started this healing journey, I had an unquenchable thirst to learn more. I wanted to find what life was all about − the more I read − the more fascinated I became. As I progressed, my awareness and understanding developed and I became more conscious of my own choices and where they had led me. My life started changing, besides just becoming healthier and having less pain, little lessons seemed to come my way, I saw how when I made changes within myself − things changed around me. I saw what worked for me and what didn't. I let go of wanting or needing to be right or to control things and ultimately ended up far more joyful than I had ever been.

One day I came to the point where I could stand back and clearly see my whole life − and I understood it and I accepted it − and in that acceptance I found peace and contentment.

And this is what I wish to share with the client who is thinking of coming to me for Life Coaching − let me help you gain clarity, let me help you work your way through the pain and the fear − allow me to assist you in your search for fulfilment and peace and to motivate you to set goals and to always do your very best.

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Each emotion is a signal from your soul. Your job is to listen. It is a gift and continually brings to your attention what you need to know. If you look at your emotions as obstacles, you miss the point.

Your most painful emotions show what you are most resistant to changing. They are the ones that occur most often because you have failed to do your homework.

Barbara - Life Coach

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