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Born to Be Real

You were born to be real
not to be perfect.
You are here to be you
not to live someone else's life.
Every day you make some progress
and every day
you make a few mistakes.

Through it all
your wisdom continues to grow
and your experience
continues to broaden.
Be gentle with yourself
accept who you are,
where you have been
and who you have to work with
for in this moment
you can make positive use of it all.

Reach in and touch the purpose
that makes you feel most alive.
The world around you
is filled with places
where that purpose
can do great things.
It is never too late
to offer your unique
and genuine gifts to life.

life coaching - sunrise

light - thinkthe law of patterns

Any habit or pattern, whether we call it “good” or “bad” despite our best intentions tends to reassert itself over time unless we break that pattern by doing something different.

light - thinkhonesty

Recognizing, accepting and expressing our authentic interior reality lies at the heart of honesty; only when we are honest with ourselves can we speak or act honestly with anyone else. In the sense of integrity, honesty entails acting in line with higher laws despite negative impulses to the contrary.


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